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Integrative Massage and Wellness

Massage Modalties

Cupping Therapy- this treatment originated as an ancient Chinese alternative medicine; small cups in a variety of sizes are used to create suction on the skin; this encourages blood flow and promotes the dissipation of toxins and tension

Swedish- characterized by long , gliding strokes using pressure levels ranging from light to firm depending on the client's preference; benefits include relaxation, elimination of toxins, improved circulation, and reduced scar tissue

 Deep Tissue- slow movement and sustained deep pressure on areas of tension; aids in the reduction of chronic muscular pain and inflammation related pain

 Integrated- combines a variety of massage and bodywork techniques within the course of each session to maximize results

 Headache/Migraine Reliefa variety of techniques are used to decrease tension in the neck and shoulders, in addition to working acupressure points proven to be effective in reducing the frequency and severity of chronic headaches

 Myofascial Release- utilizes sustained pressure and movement of fascial tissue in order to eliminate restriction within the various layers; particularly effective in relief of back or cervical pain, scoliosis, headaches, fibromyalgia, or restriction of movement

 Reflexology- involves manipulation of reflex areas located on feet, hands, & head; these points correspond with areas throughout the body; this can work to relieve areas of congestion as well as stimulate body organs

 Trigger Point- treatment consists of trigger point compression, myomassage, & stretching; focus is  on relief and control of myfascial pain and dysfunction

 Sports Massage- designed to enhance athletic performance and reduce recovery time and improve speed or quality of healing from injury

 Injury Therapy- A variety of techniques are used depending upon the specific injury; these treatments can reduce the physical discomfort and speed the recovery time


*We are also skilled in the treatment of minors, elderly, and those

     suffering from fibromyalgia


*Maximize the benefits of your session with one of our upgrades:

     ~Herbal Compress

     ~Cold Stone Muscle Repair

     ~Hot Stone Therapy

~Acupressure Cupping Therapy